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About Us


Vision of SiSTech is to bring academicians, students and industry persons of various field together in order to discuss various applications of mathematics in engineering, science and technology for the benefit of society at large.


  • To make everybody familiar with the real life use of mathematics through SiSTech.
  • Smooth implementation of mathematics in the field of science, engineering and technology.
  • To update researchers and scientists about the new development of mathematics.
  • To aware engineering students that how they can utilize their mathematical skills into technology.
  • To aware students of school and college level about mathematics and technology so that they can be guided and benefitted.
  • To enable students in such a way so that they can use mathematical models in order to fulfill positive goals through logics and hypothesis.
  • To communicate various mathematical formulas and thoughts of great mathematicians to students so that the entire society can be benefitted.
  • To cultivate the habit of learning mathematics through practice among students.
  • To promote interdisciplinary research so that applications of mathematics in engineering can be done smoothly.

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